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Do you currently have an account with Incommons Bank?

It's a word you hear a lot these days — "free." In fact, you hear it so much, it's kind of lost its meaning. But with our More Than Free Checking account, we're bringing the real meaning back out of retirement. When you sign up for this account at Incommons Bank, you get exactly that. No per check charges and no monthly service charges. Get started today and start remembering what "free" really means.

*Up to $10 for checks and debit cards from another financial institution given at the time the checks/debit cards are presented.

**Up to 3 foreign ATM fees refunded per cycle when receipts are submitted at branch.

Important Memo regarding your account: The Bank reserves the right for any reason in the Bank's sole discretion, with or without cause, to close any Account without prior notice to any of the Account holders, by payment of the Account balance to one or more of the Account holders. Upon termination of an Account hereunder, the Bank may return unpaid any item presented for payment against the closed Account, without liability to any party.

For any questions regarding this notice or any of our accounts please contact your local branch or the main branch 254-562-3821 or email to [email protected]

It's easy — get started today!

Do you currently have an account with Incommons Bank?