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Internet Banking Safety


Banking on the Internet – Please read these important safeguards.

Whether you conduct your "online" financial affairs for personnel or business use, you need to be aware of important safeguards that will prevent your "key information" from being accessed. Cyber-criminals are on the rise and they use very sophisticated methods to attack websites and personal computers to gain access. Once these criminals compromise your computer, they can engage in online account takeovers and fraudulent electronic funds transfers.

Incommons Bank will never send you an email that asks for your user name, password or other private information. The bank does not send out emails that include a "link" to log on. This practice is commonly used by fraudsters who set up "fake websites" that could mirror our website and subsequently gain access to your log on information.

Here are security steps that you should follow. We are also including steps for commercial accounts in the next paragraph.

1. Use a user name and password that are composed of lower and upper case letters and at least one number. An example of an adequate password would be a mix of a phrase or event: (e.g. If your favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys, you could use: DAL66boys.)

2. Change your password at least once every 90 days and if you suspect someone may know what it is, change it immediately. (Contact the bank if you suspect someone has your password.)

3. Keep this information private.

4. Make sure you have a firewall on your PC when conducting your banking transaction.

5. Log in regularly to check on your balance and other banking activity, don't wait until the end of the cycle or just when you are expecting a direct deposit.

6. Close the banking program by selecting "log out". Do not just close the page.

If you are a commercial banking customer, you may find that a risk assessment is useful to evaluate your security. You can start by making a list of the activities you normally do online, then look at your controls and procedures. If you would like more information on this, you may call our main office (254) 562-3821 and ask for the compliance department.

1. How many people have access to your commercial online banking account?

2. If you have others, beside yourself, do they all use the same user name and password? Each user that you have designated should have a separate user ID and password so that the bank can identify questionable activity should the occasion arise.

3. Have you terminated the rights of former employees in your banking program and notified the bank of these changes in personnel?

4. Do you allow the business computer to be used for other purposes and by other people who could inadvertently allow a virus to infect your computer?

5. Do you keep a firewall in place to protect the computer from outside intrusion or hackers?

6. Do you apply dual control or similar measures to online transaction capabilities? You may want to consider segregating duties so that one person does not have too much access.

7. Do you conduct background checks on employees?

8. Are passwords left out in the open?

9. Are they complex or very simple?

Federal regulations do provide consumers with some protection for electronic funds transfers that have not been authorized by the consumer. These laws generally apply to accounts with Internet access and establish limits on a consumer's liability for unauthorized electronic funds transfers. But the laws also include specific steps that must be taken promptly to help resolve an error on your account. If you wish to take advantage of these measures you must act in a timely manner and notify us immediately if you believe your access information has been stolen or compromised.

If you suspect unauthorized activity on your account, please contact our main office immediately at: 254-562-3821. Our employees have been trained to help you protect your account and detect unauthorized activity. You may ask for an Electronic Fund Transfer disclosure for more information.

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